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Check Out Our New MRI Entertainment Systems!

An MRI can be a scary experience, especially for a child. Many young patients find it difficult to stay calm and still during an MRI. At The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital (BBCH), we want all of our patients to feel safe and comfortable. That’s why in 2019, we purchased two MRI Entertainment Systems for our pediatric patients. These new entertainment systems allow patients to watch movies or listen to music during their MRI scan. Ultimately, this creates a positive experience for the child and avoids the use of anesthesia.

If you’ve ever experienced an MRI before, you may know the MRI machine uses magnetic waves to generate images. Because the machine is like one big magnet, it’s important for the room to be metal-free during the MRI scan. Our new entertainment systems are MRI-safe, so metal isn’t an issue. However, since the systems are extremely specialized, they came with a high price tag: each costing $50,000.

The purchase of our two new MRI Entertainment Systems was fully funded by our community. We are so thankful to our donors and sponsors for their generous support of BBCH. This purchase would not be possible without you.

Watch the video below to see one of the MRI Entertainment Systems in action, featuring our 2020 Champion, Brayden. Please note- this video was filmed pre-COVID, so that is why you get to see ALL of Brayden’s smiling face!