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A note of gratitude to our Rite Aid & Walgreens friends from Carter & Brayden

Meet Brayden and his big brother, Carter!  What started out as a normal day for Brayden two years ago, ended with a Life Flight to The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital and a lifesaving surgery to remove a large portion of his intestine. Brayden suffered from a mid-gut volvulus.  His small intestine had wrapped so tightly around his large intestine that it cut off all blood supply.  He also suffered multiple strokes and was given only a 50% chance of survival when he entered into surgery.  Today, Brayden is the happy, healthy little boy that you see pictured here.  And his story is truly a tribute to the miracle workers at The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital. 


Brayden’s family is deeply grateful for the care that they received and are eager to help us thank the members of our community who make BBCH the wonderful resource that it is.  They jumped at the chance to say that you to Rite Aid & Walgreens for their current efforts to raise funds for their local children’s hospital. Every Miracle Balloon sold symbolizes the gift of growing up for kids like Brayden.