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Meet Avery: Another local hero who is cheering on Rite Aid & Walgreens!

Meet Avery!

Avery is a happy, beautiful, almost-eight-year old who loves to dance, ride her bike, and bake with her family.

Avery was born with an rare genetic condition, found in only 49 others worldwide. Despite her mother’s normal, healthy pregnancy, Avery spent the first 8 weeks of her life at The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital(BBCH) after suffering a Grand Mal seizure 36 hours after birth and undergoing open-heart surgery at only 10 days old. 

The journey to diagnose Avery was a long and complicated one, involving 11 specialists and 9 surgeries, and taking more than 3 ½ years. 

Her mom, Cheryl is a fierce advocate for her daughter. Cheryl works with the team of specialists (primarily cardiology, neurology and nephrology) at BBCH, as well as fellow Children’s Miracle Network member hospitals to determine how to best care for Avery when needed.

In the fall of 2017, Avery enrolled in elementary school full time.  This served as a significant milestone for Avery and her family. To see Avery today, you’d never know the health challenges that she has faced or the daily routine that is required to keep her at her healthiest. Thanks to the world-class medical care Avery received at The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital and her family’s care and advocacy, Avery is thriving and persevering.