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A special Thank You to Rite Aid & Walgreens from Kenzie and Kaitlyn

Meet Kenzie & Kaitlyn!

Three-year old, Kenzie and her big sister, Kaitlyn are cheering on our friends at Rite Aid and Walgreen’s as they raise funds for The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital (BBCH) now through May 12th!

Kenzie was born with a rare genetic condition that is still being researched and has yet to be diagnosed.  The condition has caused lengthy seizures that have required emergency department visits and overnight stays in the BBCH Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.  Despite the unknowns of Kenzie’s diagnosis, her family is extremely grateful to have BBCH close to home if and when they need it next.  In the words of Kenzie’s father, Kevin “Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital is a truly special place, and needs all the love and support it can get.”

To show their appreciation for Walgreen’s and Rite Aid’s efforts, they put their artistic talents to great use to create the artwork pictured here!