Lisa Taylor is more than One-in-a-Million: Walmart’s Ethics Integrity Action Award Winner!

We already know that our friends at Walmart are huge supporters of The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital… but Lisa Taylor at the Falmouth Walmart has taken community support to a whole new level, and we’re so proud to get to work with her! Lisa recently learned that she is being awarded the Walmart Ethics Integrity Action Award, which is given out annually to just one of Walmart’s 2.2 million employees in the United States. What an incredible accomplishment!

Lisa is a Customer Service Manager at the Walmart in Falmouth, Maine. And last summer, when senior citizens began frequently asking for MoneyGrams to bail a grandchild out of jail, Lisa recognized they were being scammed. Lisa would try to call the scammers back to prove it was not a legitimate call, she encouraged customers to check in with their family to verify the stories they were told by the scammers, and even called the Falmouth Police Department in to help confirm that the calls were indeed fake. Lisa is quick to say this was a team effort- her associates in Customer Service learned to identify the signs, too- and together, they saved dozens of elderly customers from being scammed out of thousands of dollars. Check out this news story to learn more about Lisa and the award.

We had to drop by and celebrate this honor with Lisa, her team, and the whole Walmart Falmouth crew before she heads off to the Walmart shareholders meeting in Arkansas at the end of the month to officially accept her award.

Congratulations, Lisa! And thank you for all that you do to support our community- you are one in TWO million!

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