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Flowers For Friends Supports BBCH

We are so grateful for our friend, Isaac! It’s not every day that we have a nine year old drop off an incredible $700 donation to the hospital!

Isaac comes from a pretty talented family, and back in 2017 he decided he wanted to start crafting flower pens and donating the money he earned to help kids at BBCH. Using supplies donated by his parents, Isaac started “Flowers for Friends” and made dozens and dozens of colorful flower pens, selling them at local craft fairs and his school. Isaac donated $200 to BBCH last year, but decided to challenge himself to do even more this year… and he sure did! Isaac completely sold out of his flower pens in 2019, and with pen sales and donations, he was able to deliver a $700 donation to BBCH!!! We can’t thank you enough, Isaac!

Stay tuned for next year: Isaac’s younger sister Natalie is joining the Flowers for Friends effort, and will be adding hair accessories featuring flowers and bows! Isaac has big goals for year #3, and we can wait wait to see all that they accomplish. BBCH is lucky to be a part of such a generous community, and friends like Isaac and Natalie warm our hearts with their kindness!