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BBCH Extra Life: Video Assets

Hey Extra Lifers! As we gear up for Game Day, I know that videos are helpful- whether you share them via social media or email to promote your fundraising, or play them during stream to build cause connection (or when you need a break). The following is a list of (some) of the videos available for you to share to promote your Extra Life efforts for The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital (BBCH).

We often share examples of how “community donations” make a difference at The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital… and the funds YOU raise through Extra Life are part of those “community donations!” These videos offer some more recent examples of how those fundraising dollars have been put to use in recent years, and how YOU make a difference!

  • Evan’s story, an introduction to therapeutic hypothermia (TH) at BBCH. In this video you’ll “meet” Evan and his mom, and BBCH’s Dr. Alexa Craig will explain TH. Community donations (like the funds you raise through Extra Life!) support cutting-edge TH equipment- so this is a great example of funds in action!
  • Brayden- MRI Entertainment System. Our 2020 CMN Hospitals Champion, Brayden, demonstrates the Pediatric MRI Entertainment System, which was purchased thanks to community donations like yours!
  • Tour of the BBCH PICU– the new, state of the art Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at BBCH was opened in 2016, and about 2 million dollars of the budget for the PICU came from community donations.
  • Our “Angel” Ambulances are also purchased thanks to community donations!


  • Jacob’s story– Jacob is our 2023 Champion
  • Emily’s story– Emily is our 2022 Champion.
  • J.J.’s stories: J.J. was our 2021 Champion, but we have two videos featuring him! 🙂
    • This first video is a couple years old, but introduces him through the lens of BBCH Pediatric Specialty Care and tells “chapter one” of his story.
    • We also filmed a second video in the summer of 2021 (his Champion year) with some updates on the adorable J.J.!
  • Brayden’s story– a day in the life of Brayden, our 2020 CMN Hospitals Champion for BBCH.
  • Older patient stories- from past Telethons- on our YouTube channel, TheBBCH.


  • A quick and simple video tour of BBCH.
  • Helping newborns in distress at BBCH- and around the world- is the goal of Augmented Reality Technology for Medical Simulation (ARTforMS) – an immersive experience that layers AR over traditional simulation manikins. Watch this video to learn about a pilot with the software application at BBCH, and throughout the MaineHealth system, led by Mary Ottolini, MD, The George W. Hallett, MD, Chair of Pediatrics at The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital at Maine Medical Center, and BBCH pediatrician Michael Ferguson, MD.

If you might like to share on social, or via email, with your friends, family or co-workers who support your Extra Life efforts with a donation?