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Meet Your 2020 Champion for The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital!

It is with great pride and much pleasure that we introduce you to 12-year old, Brayden Douglass from Bridgton, Maine.

As a toddler, Brayden’s parents noticed that he wasn’t meeting developmental milestones. They spent eight years undergoing tests, seeking answers and watching their son’s debilitating symptoms worsen – without knowing the underlying cause.

Then, according to Brayden’s mom, a referral to the Genetics Division at The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital “changed the trajectory” of her son’s life. For the first time, Brayden had an accurate diagnosis and a plan to ensure that he lives his very best life, despite his rare condition.

Brayden’s “invisible disorder”, Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome presents different challenges every day – but he faces them head-on with the support of his family, therapists and community.

Brayden will serve as the 2020 @Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Champion for The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital! He and his family will spend the next year serving as ambassadors for BBCH, sharing their story and the impact that a world-class children’s hospital can have on families.

We couldn’t be more excited for you, our BBCH community to get to know this inspiring young man. Click here for a glimpse into a normal day for Brayden.