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BBCH Extra Life HERO: Meet Patch!

It’s no secret that I love our Extra Life program at BBCH, but it’s mostly because of the people. Our Extra Lifers are awesome! I’d like to introduce another one of our amazing gaming community members making a big difference for the patients, families, and care teams at The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital (BBCH)! – Meaghan

Meet Aaron, AKA Patch!
Patch’s pronouns are he/him

You can find him @GMPatchNasty on all platforms:

Or, he says you can always stop by Pizza by Alex and meet him in person; he loves meeting folks face to face (plus… PIZZA!).

What are your favorite games to play? MLB The Show, WWE (preferably the OG N64 ones but all are acceptable), anything with a good story.

How long have you been participating in Extra Life? As a donor for at least 8 years, and as a participant for 5 years.

How did you find Extra Life and how long have you been gaming? Dad and I used to play old-school NES classics like Zelda and Tetris, and my mother and I would play Yahtzee and card games with my aunt, so gaming is in my blood and fuels my drive to succeed. I found Extra Life stumbling down the YouTube rabbit hole of RedVsBlue which lead me to RoosterTeeth/Achievement Hunter, and I saw some of the wonderful things they did for the children’s hospital in Austin while thinking to myself “I wanna do that.”

You and your friends have had some creative challenge and incentive ideas- can you share any suggestions? Well, I can tell you one thing, when you dangle a little bit of whipped cream and an unhealthy amount of ranch on a paper plate, and then get to shove that monstrosity into someone’s face, that seemed to work well.

The leg waxing was also interesting to experience, several times since it was only a 10 spot. For present challenges, I don’t have a lot planned as of yet simply because the smell of whipped cream and ranch is still haunting my dreams.

But… This year’s challenge is $2,000, then and it’s EXTRA LIFE LOGO TATTOO TIME! (editor’s note: help ink Aaron by donating to his Extra Life page!)

Why do you Extra Life? I am a 24/7 nonstop talker if I need to be. And kids in the hospital who need better care need a voice to get that better quality of life. Plus, I’ve got a niece and nephew, and thoughts of having kids of my own later in life so it’s a win-win.

He’s right- Extra Life is a win-win! You can make a donation to Patch’s Extra Life page in support of The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital HERE, or find out more about Extra Life at