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BBCH Extra Life HERO: Meet Kevin!

Meet Kevin! AKA Thundercat0420
Kevin’s pronouns are he/him

Find Kevin in all the places:
And find him some more as part of Dysfunctional Gaming– their links are here:

Can you spot Kevin’s Extra Life swag? We love to see it!

Tell us your favorite games!
I love a variety of games. Most of what I play are single player story games, but I also play several retro and co-op games. Lately I have been trying my hand at Call of Duty: Warzone and Destiny 2. We enjoy playing board games, like Arkham, Betrayal, Flux and Epic Spell Wars, as well. On Fridays and Saturday nights we play D&D on our Dysfunctional Gaming Twitch channel.

How long have you been gaming?
I have been gaming since I can remember. I grew up with a NES and Atari systems. I remember playing Oregon Trail and Montezuma’s Revenge on the old Apple computers. Yes, I’m that old.

I found Extra Life through friends, “The Vandals.” Steph and Jason Richard got us started in 2015.

Two years ago we started a content creation team called Dysfunctional Gaming. Right now we have five full-time members: DysfunctionalDad, Vandalxero, Dystolydian, GMPatchNasty and myself. We have been working to build a community and collaborations with other creators. We currently have two seasons of a zombie apocalypse sitcom called Zombo Force (on YouTube), and we also create Dungeons & Dragons content weekly.

Fundraising- Kevin’s milestones and methods:
I became a part of the Extra Life community in 2015, and since then, I have raised almost $3,500. As a group we have raised almost $6,000. My goal this year is to raise $1,500, and I am hoping as a team we can get up to $2,500.

Normally, my main incentive for fundraising would be to shave my beard that I have grown throughout the year. Other incentives we have done are the Ice Bucket challenge, four hour streams, and food challenges, such as the “Wheel of Baby Food.” We also put on a Halloween 24-hour stream “Spooptober Fest” with some of our closest Streamer friends. All of the proceeds for this event go to our fundraising efforts. (editor’s note: the “Wheel of Baby Food” will live in infamy on #TeamBBCH; peep a pic of the wheel near the bottom of our incentives blog).

Last year I started working at Pizza By Alex in Biddeford. We had a fundraising day at the restaurant and they donated 50 cents for every pizza sold that day. (editor’s note: This is why we recommend sharing the awesome things you do for Extra Life with others! These amazing partnerships, like Kevin’s employer supporting him with a pizza fundraiser, can come about when you least expect it!)

Why do you Extra Life?
We started doing Extra Life as a way to give back to the community, doing something that we really love: GAMING. I began streaming about 2-3 years ago, and I realized that it was a great way to get the word out for our fundraising. Extra Life is such a great way to help the kids, knowing the funds go directly to helping make their stays at the hospital more comfortable. It’s a great feeling getting a donation.

Extra Life is so easy to donate to, the website and support groups like Discord make it even easier. Everyone that is able should help out. Whether you can donate, or sign up and fundraise. We would love to hear from you. If you are looking for a team to join to fundraise with, all are welcome.

WORD. Kevin is right- the Extra Life community is so welcoming, and what could be better than using your gaming to help kids? You can sign up to join us, or find out more about Extra Life, at And you can make a donation to Kevin’s Extra Life page in support of The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital HERE.