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Why I Extra Life? Meet Zeke!

Guest Blogger: Zeke Pendexter

“Why do you Extra-Life?”

You know, this question comes up a lot and my usual response is that I love playing games and being able to do so while also helping out sick kids is a no-brainer. Why wouldn’t that be my answer? It’s easy to brush off the question without giving it much thought because it really is the easiest way for a gamer to make a difference. But really, why do I keep participating in Extra Life? I think I finally have a different answer after my experiences this year.

Community. The Extra Life community is truly amazing and that is why I Extra Life. From the Children’s Miracle Network community, to the businesses that donate, all the way down to the individual participants – they all support each other and they all support the kids.

I was fortunate enough to attend Extra Life United(ELU) this year with a couple of guys I had never met before. I was a little worried because I had no idea what to expect and am usually a reserved person, but I was immediately welcomed into the “family” and felt like I belonged. Every person I met was excited to meet another Extra Lifer and talk about all things games. I left ELU with more new friends than I have made in the last 5 years! And most importantly, the two strangers I had started the trip with turned into good friends by the end of it.

The Extra Life community is one that I will be a part of for as long as it exists. Day in and day out I am amazed at the things people will do to raise money for the kids. From shaving their heads, to running half-marathons, to eating the hottest wings on the planet – this community will do it all. It welcomes you, challenges you and supports you… and that is why I Extra Life.