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Why I Extra Life: Meet Rob!

Why I Extra Life?

I have some first hand experience with The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital and would like to share my story.  In November 2013, my daughter Ruby had a severe asthma incident.  At the time, our local hospital was not able to handle what Ruby was going through, so we had to get her to BBCH. To get us down to Portland, we were transported via a special ambulance, Angel 1.  This rolling Intensive Care Unit is better equipped to handle in transit complications.  There were three medical staff in the back with Ruby for the whole trip, which as a concerned parent was quite reassuring.  The hour long trip in a standard ambulance would have been much riskier.  Ruby knew I was riding down with her, which I think helped her with the trip.  Philanthropy funds from sources like Extra Life make special equipment such as Angel 1 possible.

At Barbara Bush, the doctors, nurses and staff there were top notch. The children’s wing itself is a pretty special place that helps folks dealing with some very hard times do so in a warm and friendly environment.  Ruby made a full recovery and I am grateful to the folks at BBCH.

When I first heard of Extra Life, I was onboard immediately.  It was a way for a lifelong gamer to turn my hobby into a means of helping the kids down at The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital.

I’ve been doing  Extra Life for three years.  This January I lost my Dad to cancer.  Having watched what he went through, I can only imagine how tough something like that must be for a kid.  If I can help make their battle a little easier and hopefully successful with some fundraising, that’s what I’m going to do.  #FTK