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Why I Extra Life: Meet Rob

Guest Blogger: Rob Paquet

Why I Extra Life.

My wife and I struggled to have children for over eight years. Multiple tests and procedures over the years always brought more negative news. There were times that we accepted we would never have a child of our own. And times when we couldn’t stand to be around anyone’s kids. It put a strain on our relationship that we masked from most of our friends and families.  One final round of tests solidified that our chance on conceiving was very slim. We then decided to try IVF. Months of medication and self-administered shots later, we received the heart breaking news that again we were not pregnant. One more try we said. And 9 months later my wife gave birth to our son. Years of heartbreak, stress, fights, and tears brought us to this point. And we would not go back and change a thing. We were parents. We had our own little crying, screaming, yelling, laughing and giggling baby. The sound of your own child’s noises and voice quickly engrain in your head. You can pick out their laughter from a group. You know from across the room when it’s your child crying amongst their friends. Those sounds are the most beautiful thing to a parent. Those are the moments that make being a parent special. Those are the moments that no parent should ever have to go a day without. Those are the noises that I Extra Life for.