Why I Extra Life: Meet Jamison

Why I Extra Life –

Recently, I was at the 2nd annual Extra Life Bowling Tournament in Portland. Sixty-four Extra-Lifers formed teams of four and bowled for a chance at a prize pot of funds donated in their name to The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital. There were a number of extra little things that could be done to win some prizes from the hospital, and one of them was answering the question of “Why I Extra Life”.

Trying to answer this question made me think a lot about why I do what I do for Extra Life. There are a lot of stock answers – “For the Kids”, “To help my local community”, or “I like to play games”. Those reasons are all true for most of us.

Upon reflection, there’s a better answer – at least for me. I Extra Life because I can. Our lives are busy, we have jobs, school, hobbies, social time, etc. It’s tough to find time to do things sometimes. No one ever seems to have enough time. Imagine if you were the parent of a sick child that needed the services of a Children’s Miracle Network hospital. What kind of impact would that have on your free time? Every waking moment would be spent doing whatever necessary to help your child get healthy. Everything else would become a distant second. If the time we spend helping Extra Life can make that burden easier for our friends, family, neighbors, communities, heck, even strangers, isn’t that worth it?

Put some time into Extra Life – a lot or a little, it all adds up.

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