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New Extra Life Milestone for BBCH Gamers!

Our #TeamBBCH Extra Lifers are amazing, and just helped our hospital to reach a new fundraising milestone! Can we get a drum roll, please?

Extra Lifers gaming in support of The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital have raised an incredible $70,260 this year– so far- for the kids at BBCH! We couldn’t be more proud or more thankful… and we know they’re not done yet! With a month left in the year, this generous community will continue to grow that number- but let’s all take a minute to celebrate the $70,000 milestone #forthekids! Another milestone we’d like to mention? Our 2017 Extra Life fundraising total was $64,001- so we’re already well ahead of last year!

Congratulations, thank you, and keep up the good work making miracles for the kids at BBCH! And stay tuned for the final 2018 total early in the new year!