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Meet Kenzie!

Six-year old Kenzie loves Minnie Mouse, Slugger the Sea Dog, and her big sister, Kaitlyn. Kenzie was also born with a rare genetic condition impacting the VPS13D gene that is still being researched and has yet to be named. The condition causes dystonia, developmental delays, speech problems, and has caused lengthy seizures that require pediatric emergency department visits and overnight stays in the BBCH Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

Kenzie’s family travels to Boston Children’s Hospital, a fellow Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, about every 3 months for rounds of appointments to continue working toward a true diagnosis and treatment. In the meantime, The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital has played a critical role in keeping Kenzie at her healthiest.

Despite the unknowns of Kenzie’s diagnosis, her family is extremely grateful to have BBCH close to home if and when they need it next. In the words of Kenzie’s father, “The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital is a truly special place, and needs all the love and support it can get.”