Kids Helping Kids: Zelda’s Miracle Birthday

For new parents, planning their child’s 1st birthday celebration is such an exciting time.  When soon-to-be one year old Zelda’s first birthday was fast approaching, her family decided to take a different approach to celebrate her big day. While Zelda’s family and friends still gathered last weekend to share in the joy of her one year milestone, they were asked to make a donation to Zelda’s My Miracle Birthday page in support of The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital, rather than bringing her a present.  To date, Zelda has raised $400 for BBCH by sharing her big day!

When asked why Zelda chose to support The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital rather than receiving gifts, here is what her family had to say:

“Zelda is extremely blessed to be a happy + healthy baby girl who has everything she needs, and more! Donating her birthday means that she is giving other kids a chance to have the things that they need.”

Our sincere thanks to Zelda and her family for helping us, help more kids reach exciting milestones of their own.

Happy Birthday, Zelda!!

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