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Hannah is our Hero!

Can we just take a minute to tell you how awesome our friend Hannah is? She loves Cinderella and going for walks… and she made us speechless with her kindness!

In 2018, Hannah was diagnosed with leukemia, and she has spent a lot of time here at The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital for treatment. While she likes to see her new friends at BBCH, you can imagine that she’d still rather not be in the hospital. So Hannah and her family decided to turn their experience into something good- and to help make the hospital more fun for all the other patients! Hannah’s mom discovered Playtime Edventure sheets, which are colorful and covered with games and activities for patients to do- all without leaving their bed! We’ll let Hannah explain from here:

“My name is Hannah and I was diagnosed with Leukemia April 10, 2018. I spent many nights in the hospital so I know how boring it can be. So with the help of my mom and lots of friends and family I fundraised to be able to gift you with these incredibly fun sheets!!! They are yours to take home and I hope they help to brighten up your room!”

Hannah and her family just dropped off their first donation- 50 sets of these fantastic sheets! Thank you so much for the fun and kindness you bring to BBCH, Hannah!