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Group Up!

Guest Blogger:  Ryan Brownewell; Team Kepware

If you’ve ever played Overwatch with anyone who enjoys winning, you’ve likely heard this phrase more times than you can count. That’s because it’s vitally important to your success during battle. Without a team to support them, an individual is doomed to lose the battle before it’s even begun.

Extra Life Game Day is the same way! Studies have shown that gamers who participate in Game Day as part of a group are 15 times more likely to make it through the entire 25 hours and will have 22 times more fun. Now, those are statistics that I completely made up just now, but the basic idea is true: You will get the most out of Game Day if you’re part of a group!

This is my fourth year participating in Extra Life, and with the exception last year, I’ve always been able to do it with a group. I spent last winter in San Diego, CA, away from the group that I normally participate with. I’m sad to say that I didn’t make it the entire 25 hours, and it wasn’t nearly as fun as it was in previous years.

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is, if you’re part of a group, cherish it! Support that group and they will support you. Arrange a common location so you can all play together on Game Day. Participate in fundraisers together. Collaborate on new and fun ways to raise money for your local CMN hospital!

“But Ryan, I’m new to this and don’t have a group to play with.” Make one! Ask your friends, your family, your neighbors – implore them – to join you on Game Day and in fundraising during the months leading up to it. Technically speaking, it only takes one other person to make a “group”, but the more, the merrier!

“But Ryan, I don’t have any friends here who want to join me.” Reach out to a local group! Ask if you can join! Extra Lifers are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Chances are there’s at least one local group out there who would be happy to have another member, even if it’s just for Game Day, and you want to fundraise on your own. I wish I had reached out to a local group out there in San Diego, so I could have that support system around me during the marathon – and make some new friends in the process.

So, as you gather with your group on Game Day, thank them for being there, and be there for them. Stand side-by-side together as you march into battle. For, it’s dangerous to go alone!