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Going the Extra Mile (Or Half Mile) to Raise Funds For Your Local Extra Life Program

Guest Blogger: Rob Paquet, Team Chits & Bits

Being creative with your Extra Life fundraising can help you meet your milestones and set new personal bests for funds raised. Stretch goals and fun activities are a great way to push you over the edge. But what happens when things start to plateau? New ideas and thinking outside the box will re-energize your fundraising, get your team more involved and help you reach new people!

Some local teams have gone beyond gaming to do just that. Attending cons, hosting game nights, holding scavenger hunts, online auctions, and volunteering in the community at events like craft fairs, sporting events and road races. Getting information about Extra Life in front of non-gamers is a great way to showcase all the good work you do and may just get you a few more donations.