Friendly Local Convention Spotlight: PortCon Maine

PortConMaine is Maine’s first, largest, longest running convention celebrating the interests of all things geek. The four day event strives to provide a place for the greater Maine community to celebrate and connect annually on things that interest them: from anime to gaming, board to video games, and more.

PortConMaine connects annually with Weekend Anime & Games to help run LevelUpMaine, a southern Maine family game festival. With a focus on children and families, the event works as an Extra Life satellite event to help raise funds for The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital. With a goal of raising $10,000 for the hospital, the event runs as a festival style schedule with programming geared towards families. It’s a fun way for the PortConMaine community to give back to something that is important to everyone: families.

PortConMaine also provides table space to The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital and Extra Life during their events, flea markets, and craft fairs. The table space is frequently used to help promote Extra Life and the movement to give back.

#GeeksforGood is something PortConMaine feels very strongly about. Shawn Wilson, Ryan York, Julie York, and Elizabeth Knowland, all heads of their own department at the convention, help organize and support the efforts of Extra Life.

“PortConMaine is about community and celebration, and families are a big part of that. Extra Life is a great way for us to give back, and it just makes sense,” convention chair Julie York confirms.

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