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Friendly Game Store Spotlight: Microsoft at The Maine Mall

The Microsoft Store in the Maine Mall is a place where you can go to buy a laptop or video game console, get a little help when you’re having a problem with a tech issue, or if you want to attend a training or a gaming event. It’s the gaming events that give local Microsoft employees the opportunity to work with The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital and Extra Life, and they have been doing just that since they opened in May of 2014. Community outreach and events that promote building relationships have always been a priority, and Extra Life has been near and dear to several of the hearts of their staff. Whether they are holding recruitment events during a midnight launch or spreading the word at a gaming tournament, the folks at the Microsoft Store love BBCH, and Extra Life is one of their favorite ways to make a difference. The Microsoft Store has a wonderful relationship with everyone at the hospital, and the staff looks forward to working together with them to help the kids at Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital for a long time to come.