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Fighting COVID-19 at BBCH

One of life’s most memorable moments is the birth a child. As a children’s hospital, we are so lucky to be a part of this moment and witness thousands of births each year! It’s no secret, though, that this year has been a bit different than previous ones. With COVID-19, The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital has made the necessary changes to keep our patients, staff, and community’s safe. This includes helping our new parents who test positive for COVID-19.

During their baby’s first few weeks, all new parents get to experience lots of happy (and stressful!) moments. However, there are many added challenges for parents who are COVID-19 positive. To make those weeks a bit easier, we are sending COVID-19 positive parents home with a baby scale. Monitoring a newborn’s weight is an important step in making sure the baby is growing and meeting milestones. A baby scale gives parents the opportunity to record their newborn’s weight at home and report it by phone to the baby’s pediatrician. This ultimately eliminates the need to visit an office and allows COVID-19 positive parents to continue isolating at home. To the right you can see Dr. Eddie Silco showing off one of scales!

These baby scales not only ensure the safety of our new parents and their baby, but also our community. Many of the changes made to our hospital at this time, including these baby scales, would not be possible without the support of our incredible donors. We are continually touched by the unmatched generosity of our community.

From everyone at BBCH, thank you!