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Extra Life FOMO

Guest Blogger: Jamison McLean

Fear of missing out (or FOMO) is a term a lot of us board gamers are familiar with. You want the latest hot game, want to pledge that Kickstarter to get all the sweet bonus rewards, want to have a complete collection of a certain game – all of that is FOMO.

This past weekend Diversions Puzzles & Games held their 2nd used game sale, and team Chits & Bits held a game day with some raffle prizes for Extra Life. FOMO was in full effect that day – There were gamers lined up at 7am (the store opened at 9) to make sure they got the first crack at the over 400 games that people had brought in for the sale. The store was busy pretty much all day with people looking to expand their collections for a good deal.

FOMO extends to Extra Life for me and a lot of Team Chits & Bits’ members. Having been at Extra Life United twice and other EL events, and met some amazing people across the continent, I don’t ever want to miss the chance to spend time with my Extra Life family. There are so many of us that have this shared passion – and every chance I get I want to ignite that passion in others. Game Day is coming up, get involved! If you don’t know how we can help you. Don’t miss out on one of the best things I’ve ever been a part of!!