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Extra Life Best Practice: Network The Network, Be Creative and Have Some Fun!

Networking can be a vital tool to raising funds through Extra Life. Both local and national businesses can help by providing prizes and product, fundraising campaigns and even play space and event support.  But one resource that can be easily overlooked, is the Extra Life community. Local teams can be a great sounding board for ideas. Working together can make sure events are fully staffed, help in promoting and communicating information as well as making new contacts. Reaching out to other teams nationally can also be very beneficial. Using the official Extra Life Community page, Facebook groups, or meeting up with teams at conventions are all great ways to make contacts. Extra Lifers from all over the country are full of ideas and success stories that you may be able to use for your own teams events. Working with others and sharing ideas can help children all over the country as well as locally.

Stretch goals are a great incentive for people to donate to your page. Setting up fun and crazy goals are a good way to engage with friends family and strangers alike. Pies to the face, karaoke, or creating custom items for donors are all fun and temporary goals. Some Extra Lifers take it even a step further, shaving heads, waxing legs and some even get tattoos! What ever your goals are make them fun and exciting for others to see. Be sure to share your progress with others. It’s a great feeling to push someone over their goal and see them dye their hair all #FTK