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Can we borrow your birthday?

You’re invited to the party. The My Miracle Birthday party!

My Miracle Birthday is your chance to profoundly share your birthday with the kids at BBCH. Maybe you don’t need any more gifts, or maybe you’d just rather give than receive? Whatever the reason, My Miracle Birthday is the perfect way to give back and help make a difference!

It’s Easy!
1. Pledge your next birthday at– it only takes a minute!
2. Build your custom fundraising page and use the tools provided by CMN Hospitals to spread the word!
3. When your birthday rolls around, ask your friends and family for donations (using the tools provided by CMN Hospitals) in lieu of gifts.
4. BEST. GIFT. EVER!! Kick your year off knowing that the donations raised in honor of your birthday will help the kids at BBCH reach milestones of their own!

We hope you’ll also stay tuned to our Facebook page as we share the special stories behind some of our #MyMiracleBirthday participants in the year ahead.