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BBCH Extra Life Hero: Meet SamD!

It’s no secret that I love our Extra Life program at BBCH, but it’s mostly because of the people. Our Extra Lifers are awesome! I’d like to introduce another one of our amazing gaming community members making a big difference #ForTheKids at The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital (BBCH)!- MM

MEET SAM! My name is Chris, however people usually call me Sam. You can find me on Twitch, Twitter and Instagram

FAVORITE GAMES: Magic The Gathering Arena, Dead By Daylight, Rocket League, Among Us, Fall Guys, All of the Jackbox games.

HOW IS GAMING A PART OF YOUR LIFE? Well, you found a question that will show my age. 🙂  My grandfather started me off by introducing me to The Atari and games on The Commodore 64. After that was the Christmas when I was a young boy who desperately wanted a NES or Nintendo Entertainment System. I remember as that Christmas went on opening present after present and becoming more and more disappointed as the wrapping paper hit the floor with no NES in sight. It was the very last present that I opened, I was hooked.

Gaming to me now is an opportunity, a chance to immerse myself in a different world. The option to step into the boots or shoes of a villain, hero, or anti-hero. A window to an alien planet just waiting to be explored and so much more. Game developers have gotten so creative that you can do almost anything in games these days and I think it is fantastic.

Gaming is also an opportunity for those like myself who don’t do well in crowds. Games can bring people together through a mutual passion, creativity, and friendly competition. Any game that allows a person to play with friends can make us laugh, cheer, and motivate us to conquer adversity together. It can also help us to make new friends as well, and I love it. I have met so many great people and made so many friends through playing games.

HOW DID YOU FIND EXTRA LIFE? My amazing wife. I may have already known that it existed, she opened my eyes to exactly what Extra Life is as well as what they stand for, the way they use the money raised to help children and families, and the number of hearts and lives that they have touched.

Together we’ve been participating in Extra Life for 5 years, have raised about $1,100, and look forward to raising even more!

Editor’s note: here’s a link to Sam’s Extra Life page if you’d like to donate 🙂

WHY DO YOU EXTRA LIFE? Both of our boys were born at BBCH. Our first refused to leave the womb and left my poor wife in labor for over 24 hours. My wife received expert care. The staff did an amazing job of looking after her and keeping both of us as comfortable and at ease as possible. Yes I was right there with her.

With our second boy things were much more serious. My wife developed Pregnancy induced renal failure. Not only were we expecting another long and taxing labor, on top of that I went into BBCH that time having been told that when I left the hospital I may be leaving with only one or neither of them. A very scary time in my life for sure. Once again the staff were excellent and helped to guide us to what would end up being a healthy child with a weak immune system and option for treatment for my wife. It should also be noted that we got the opportunity while our youngest was in the NICU for 24 hours to see those talented individuals at work. It was inspiring and comforting. The passion they weaved into their craft was evident.

BBCH staff are all heroes, all of them doctors, nurses, interns, the maintenance and cleaning staff, all of them and now more than ever deserve our gratitude and support. Especially my wife and I and the others out there with stories like mine.


  • Know that when we ask for people to please consider donating that we support the cause, too: we regularly donate ourselves when we can.
  • Know that even if all you can spare is $1 you are making a difference and should be proud to be a part of this phenomenal community.
  • Know that if you are unable to donate that it is ok. You can still be just as impactful by spreading the word about Extra Life, BBCH and children’s hospitals everywhere by using social media or by participating as a viewer in a charity stream.
  • Know that it all helps. Donating is far from the only way that you can support such a life changing charity that has such a positive impact on so many children and the families who love them.

ONE LAST SHOUT OUT TO THE EXTRA LIFE COMMUNITY: I hope to see you before December is over ( and maybe hear some of YOUR stories involving Extra Life and The BBCH!